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David Hershberger, designer of Endovanera

David Hershberger, designer of Endovanera
Photo: Eliot Hazel 
“I can, without hesitation, recall one pivotal fashion moment from early childhood — when I was a boy just out of my twos, I had the impulse to craft out of a beach towel and safety pin my very first cape. I had fallen into a nihilistic counterstrike in my longing for anything that could bring me closer to the fantasies of my constant daydreams, and from that moment on I was inspired by the notion that I could manifest or bend things to my will to create functional clothing. That marked the beginning of my interest in fashion design.
Endovanera autumn/winter 2010 collection
“I started sewing custom jeans out of an old boathouse in southern California when I was 20 for some of my friends. After realizing that there was a void in the market for comfortable tailoring, I started to sew jackets and develop my own patterns. I still develop many of the patterns from the collection and sew a large portion of the samples myself. After I launched Endovanera in the fall of 2006, the men's collection was acquired by several of the country's top retailers. A small women's collection soon followed.
“Today, as a fashion designer, the more involved I am in actually crafting my pieces, the less vain I feel when it comes to dressing myself in them. An artisan achieves a sense of confidence in his work, I think, when the goal is about personal expression, sensibility, and high-quality execution. I feel satisfied with my work when I’ve made people feel comfortable and, most important, more attractive through a streamlined and functional approach to fashion design.
Endovanera autumn/winter 2010 collection
“To me, the term fashion means representing one's own perception of himself through protective layers or armor. Fashion is kind of like chess to me in the way of progression, strategy, logic, and guts. Over time it has become more about comfort, function, and implementation than theatrics of costume, although subconsciously I am fueled by these more eccentric methods of musing.
Endovanera autumn/winter 2010 collection
“Endovanera’s aesthetic doesn’t transition with drastic change season to season. There’s definitely a more subtle, uniform approach to the collection. It’s not overwhelmed by color, and you can add new pieces to your wardrobe depending on how you’re feeling that day. I create most of my own patterns, and am constantly trying to perfect the craft during development stages. As for the progression of my personal style, it’s become more streamlined, timeless, and sophisticated, with an overall practical spirit and function that shift in controlled laboratories of sensibility.”
Hershberger's muses

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